Tetris 99 Online Challenge

Win your own Tetris/Maximus Trophy!

How to Participate!

  • Why? – Because Tetris and Weltris were both games I would play hours upon hours as a kid and still drop in for almost daily Tetris99 games after a day at work. I’ve always loved playing the game against others and occasionally will stream on Twitch during tournaments.
  • Required Items:
  • Access TETRIS 99 (Standard online play)
    • Battle for the top spot and take home a WIN
    • Assure “the3dcoder” user account is in the game with you
    • Take multiple screenshots to show potential placings and the loser (the3dcoder)’s placing.
    • Provide screenshots on submission page located here: https://3dcdesign.com/tetris99register
    • Confirm any required information and claim your victory/reward!
  • Not Registered and still want to play? – please be our guest! We love all participants in the tournament to allow for more fun and activity! You just will NOT be eligible for the end prizes and the next eligible person will be selected.

Tournament Rules

The following rules and requirements must be met to claim your own free Tetris or Maximus 3D printed trophy!

Submission Form!

The following custom form will be used to get the required screenshots or links needed to confirm tournament win and prize claim!

  1. 3DCDESIGN.COM registered account
  2. Provide required info on the official Tetris 99 Page!
  3. Valid account information for shipping/delivery of top prizes.

The Prizes!

First Prize

Nintendo Switch Holder

A 3DCDesign in house design. Originally designed for the Maximus Cup events held by Nintendo for Tetris 99 official tournaments. Available with or without Maximus Cup engraving! (even can request your own name!)

Participation Prize

50% off 3DCDesign Discount Code

Even if you don’t win, though happen to be in the same game as “the3dcoder” account, snap a screenshot, submit with our standard form https://3dcdesign.com/tetris99register/

Our aim is just to encourage more community interaction, 3d printed/modeling interest, and support the hobby! We send out FREE printed models of our versatile controller wall mount which fits Switch, Playstation, Xbox, and off branded controllers great. Be sure that all account information is correct when claiming any prizes! Thanks and have fun!

Claiming your Prize

Check 3DCDesign Account Information

Assure you have registered a valid account at 3DCDesign.com and have provided valid shipping information under account details for prizes can be properly shipped.

Winner Confirmation Email

Reply to the follow up email’s provided after the tournaments. Please allow at least 24 hours for reception of email, if any questions, please reply at admin@3dcdesign.com

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