Nerf Dart – (Elite Dart) – fully functional (.STL Download)


Its Nerf or Nothin! Print your own darts with this quick to print model!

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It’s Nerf or Nothin!

Standard Elite Nerf Dart. Regular weight is usually 1 gram and 1.3g for Steamline darts. Modeled this up after wanting some “gold” nerf darts. Adjusting infill can help get to an ideal firing weight.

General function will vary on style of Nerf Gun due to how the darts are held in place. Open to adding more options if there is interest in the comments.


  • Experimenting with various infills and ways to secure darts in various nerf guns may be required.
  • No supports Required
  • Tested with PLA

Suggested Print Settings:

  • PLA or PETG
  • Layer: 0.2 mm or more


  • Zip folder containing:
    • Nerf Dart STL