Model Design and/or Print Request
From simple requests such as a hook or mount for a specific area, to large scale projects involving 3D Design & Printing. Our form allows you to get your own 3D Model Design based off the idea/files that you submit! Responses within 24 hours!
Please choose the type of Lithophane item you're ordering.

1. Basic Model Design - Submit a simple write up of what you need to accomplish or need designed. The more specifics the better. Providing exact measurements and dimensions will help complete the request much quicker. We respond to every request within 24 hours of recieving it. Your model will be designed and the finished project and model files will be delivered to you.

2. Design & Model Request- Similar to our previous option though allows the user to request a certain amount of the finished product to be physically printed as well. Production quantities and materials will fluctuate final estimates of the completed project.

3. Print your own Model- Already have a model that you just need printed or produced a few times in a material or detail you don't have access to? Let us help you finish the production! Submit your .STL or model and we price things based on time to produce, simple as that!

Production Samples:

Please provide as many details possible when submitting a request. If not enough details are supplied, production can be delayed. (including quantities)