Mario Kart 8 Online Tournaments!

3D Printed Prizes

How to Participate!

  • Required Items:
    • Nintendo Switch w/ Mario Kart 8
    • Registered Account on – Required for shipping of tournament prizes. (Those without can still enter/play, though will not be eligible for any rewards)
    • That’s IT!
  • Access ONLINE PLAY
      • ¬†SEARCH BY CODE
  • Enter in codes provided on this page, updated weekly/daily depending on tournament rules.
  • Not Registered and still want to play? –¬†please be our guest! We love all participants in the tournament to allow for more fun and activity! You just will NOT be eligible for the end prizes and the next eligible person will be selected.

Tournament Codes

The following is a weekly updated list of Mario Kart 8 tournament codes that allow you to play in our online tournaments!

  • Win a 3D Print Cup

    • 4894-6599-8891
      • Ends Sunday 9/8! 8 Total Races!

    • 5279-5293-2395
      • Ends Sunday 9/8! 8 Total Races

How to Win!

These few items are required to be eligible to win the 3D Printed Prizes for the Mario Kart 8 tournaments!

  1. 3DCDESIGN.COM registered account
  2. Place in the Top 3 in points in any 3DCDesign sponsored tournaments
  3. Valid account information for shipping/delivery of top prizes.

The Prizes!

First Prize

Nintendo Switch Holder

A 3DCDesign favorite, the Nintendo Switch Comfort grip allows extra stability and grip when playing your favorite portable console!

Second Prize

Mario-Themed Mini-Figure

A specially printed SLA mini figure print, varies weekly. Themed around Mario based characters or other gaming related characters. *Thumbnail not always exact model used for giveaway! – Inquire for further details*

Third Prize

50% off 3DCDesign Discount Code

The coupon codes are applicable to any product purchased through the 3DCDesign site directly. Including all downloads and products.

Claiming your Prize

Check 3DCDesign Account Information

Assure you have registered a valid account at and have provided valid shipping information under account details for prizes can be properly shipped.

Winner Confirmation Email

Reply to the follow up email’s provided after the tournaments. Please allow at least 24 hours for reception of email, if any questions, please reply at

Share with Friends!

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