Development Progress

3D Printer Hub (3DPHUB)

Application Features

Multiple Model Directories

The application utilizes the API’s made available by MyMiniFactory, Thingiverse, Cults3d, and various model directories. Allowing users to interact with all their registered directories from one centralized location.

Cross Platform

Available on both IOS and Android Mobile devices as a free mobile application store download. The application will function fully across all platforms and will feature a web application for analytic summarizations as well!

Mobile & Web

The main application is a cross platform mobile application. Though further features includes a web application allowing users to access 3DP Hub’s stored analytics including model ranks and contest download scoreboards!


That’s right. Application is FREE to download for all functions. Additionally, at a certain user base, there will be contests where users can win additional credit for special cosmetic features!

Model & Picture Uploads

Quick and easy uploading of both models and regular print pictures directly to your accounts/model directories. Allowing users to take a picture of a print and quickly have it uploaded to their account as a make within seconds.

Feature Rich

Designed by a developer passionate about 3d printing. Constantly taking suggestions for further features and implementations to allow others enjoy in the passion and opportunities in 3d printing.

Additional Application Features

Beyond maximizing API functionality, the application will include many of interacting with models, wifi enabled printers, as well as slicing features. The end goal will be helping educate new users on the must-knows of the field, while keeping well versed users busy with function and new features!

Feature Suggestion?

Having something you’d like to see added to the development plans? Throw us a message and let us know, we’re constantly implementing new features and streamlining previous features to allow for an amazing end product.

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