What we offer

3DC (3DCoder) Design was created to share innovations while diving deep into the various technologies such as additive manufacturing (3d Printing), software development, electrical engineering, and IOT.

We offer a shop and services for 3d printing, various ways to request designs or order products, and share media of all of the technology & projects we work with.


Check out what we offer including software development, 3D Printing, and custom product/model design requests.

Shop & Downloads

Our shop includes both FREE downloads and physical products! Featuring art pieces, jewelry,  geocaches, neck massagers, and much more!

3D Print Pictures

Enjoy random prints from our own production or submitted by our customers! Thanks for visiting 3DCDesign!


Featuring a variety of our designs, 3d prints, and functional models. Many of which are available to download. Please email admin@3dcdesign.com for any commission or custom requests.